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Kitchen and Bath Gallery

Finished custom kitchen
Local Bar remodel
Stainless steel kitchen
Stand alone Bathroom sink
Ceramic tile
Stainless steel kitchen 2
Shower of ceramic tile with glass window.
Diner remodel.
Completed shower 2
shower install 1.
Shower base 1
Shower base complete
shower base step 3
shower wall installed
shower  window install
Completed shower 1
shower 9
Double sink 1
Double sink 2

Consult Our Kitchen And Bath Contractor in Virginia Beach and Remodel Your House Corners with the Least Expenditure!

Do you fancy modern kitchens and bathrooms that are highly organized and simplify your daily chores?

The kitchen and bathroom are the most valuable nooks of your house from where you start your day.


But what if these corners are unorganized and all the amenities are inappropriately located? It leaves you frustrated and cranky!


But don’t worry!


We are here to deliver!


Husbands on Call is a Virginia-based kitchen and bathroom remodeling company that will convert your expectations into results.


Are You Searching for Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Contractors for An Enhanced Daily Living?


Our kitchen and bathroom contractors in Virginia beach provide the finest remodeling services to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen and bathroom.


Don’t settle with inappropriately located sinks or wrongly placed showers. Take a bold step and remodel your kitchen and bathroom to enhance space management and create more air for breathing!

Make cooking hassle-free and bathing a pleasant experience with a highly organized and sustained kitchen and bathrooms. Our targeted kitchen and bath remodeling contractors put all their efforts into elevating the comfort and luxury in the essential corners of your house.


Our varied and customized services for kitchen and bath remodeling in Virginia beach ensure no house in Virginia is inadequately equipped and creates tussles in their owners’ daily lives.


Our kitchen and bath remodeling services are non-discriminatory and suit everyone’s needs.


From walls to the floor!


From ceilings to laminates!


Restyle your kitchen and bathroom with our modern and innovative solutions for all types of kitchens and bathrooms, small or big!


Are You Searching for a Bathroom Renovation Company that Makes Your Bathing Experience More Refreshing?


Don’t you wish for a bathroom where taking a shower is nothing lesser than drenching in a waterfall? Our bathroom renovation company allows you to fulfill your dreams with cost-effective and unmatchable services.


Our bathroom improvement contractor analyzes your bathroom space and increases its ease of access.


If you are crazy about more extended baths in a bubbled bathtub, our full bathroom remodel contractors are there for you! 


Create plenty of space for your hot, steamy jacuzzi or ceramic-styled bathtub.


Transform your bathing space into a seashore with our bath remodeling contractors, where bathing is as refreshing as a rebirth!


1. Why is kitchen renovation better than kitchen remodeling?

Because remodeling is a cost-effective method of improving aesthetics and functionality down the line with similar results as renovation.


2. Can I add more luxury to my bathroom?

Yes. You can contact our bathroom renovation company and convey your expectations.


3. Why should I remodel my kitchen?

It would help if you went for kitchen remodeling because it increases your productivity in the kitchen. A highly organized kitchen brings the least hassle and more comfortable cooking.


4. How much time does it take to restyle my kitchen?

There is not fix timeline as it depends on the customer’s requests and requirements of what they want to be done. 

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